Chandler Wood Baseball Bat – AJ99 Aaron Judge – Maple & Birch

Introducing the AJ99 Chandler Wood Baseball Bat, designed for Aaron Judge with exceptional balance and a large sweet spot.

Choose Maple, Ash, or Birch, personalize with optional engraving, and select your preferred finish and cupping for a customized, pro-level experience.

Elevate your game with the AJ99 – where craftsmanship meets personal style on the field.


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Introducing the AJ99 Chandler Wood Baseball Bat – a highly anticipated addition to the Chandler lineup that has been eagerly awaited by baseball enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and designed for the legendary Aaron Judge, the AJ99 pro model stands out with its exceptional balance, boasting a lengthy barrel and an expansive sweet spot that promises outstanding performance on the field. Once you experience the power and precision of the AJ99, you might find it difficult to switch back to any other bat.

Wood Species Options: Choose the wood species that suits your playing style. Opt for Maple, recognized for its hard and dense nature, delivering robust and solid contact with impressive longevity. Ash, renowned for its flex and “trampoline effect,” produces a resonant sound and an extensive sweet spot. For the best of both worlds, Birch combines the flexibility of Ash with the hardness and durability of Maple, excelling particularly in colder weather conditions.

Bat Finish Choices: Customize your bat with one of two available finishes. The Gloss finish offers a sleek shine along the barrel and handle, while the Matte finish provides a subtle sheen with a textured grip to enhance control.

Cupping Options: Tailor the feel of your bat by selecting from various cupping options. From No Cup for an even weight distribution to the Kiss Cup (smallest), Half Cup, and Cup (largest) – each option is designed to maintain balance while adhering to your chosen weight preference.

Personalized Engraving (Optional): Make your AJ99 truly yours with optional personalized engraving. Add up to 25 characters in a single line, all in uppercase letters. The engraving will match the color of your logo, creating a unique and distinctive touch to your bat. Please note that the custom engraving will be prominently displayed in all caps on the barrel, ensuring a personalized and professional appearance.

Elevate your game with the AJ99 Chandler Wood Baseball Bat – a fusion of craftsmanship, performance, and personalized style that redefines the playing experience.