CuberSpeed YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 Magnetic Stickerless Speed Cube

The YJ YuFu 7×7 V2 M, a budget-friendly magnetic 7×7 cube, offers top-tier performance with medium-strong magnets and Florian-style pieces. It’s a timeless, versatile puzzle aiding spatial skills, memory, and providing a screen-time alternative, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.


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The YJ YuFu 7×7 V2 M stands out as a cost-effective magnetic 7×7 puzzle by YJ, slightly larger than its predecessors while matching the performance of top-tier cubes in the market. Its medium to strong magnet sensation, along with Florian-style pieces, ensures an enjoyable experience for all who attempt it.

This multifaceted puzzle contributes to spatial awareness in children, enhances memory, and offers a mental break for adults, potentially staving off memory decline in the elderly. Its timeless appeal means it can divert kids from excessive screen time, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.

It serves as the perfect way to expand cognitive abilities or share some quality leisure time with loved ones, being a timeless classic that remains relevant. An excellent choice as a Christmas or birthday gift for kids, friends, or family members, the YJ YuFu 7×7 V2 M caters to all ages and preferences.