VIVI MT20 Step-Through Folding Electric Cruiser Bike

Meet the VIVI MT20 Electric Cruiser Bike: stylish, 500W, 7-speed, removable 48V 7.8Ah battery. Dual disc brakes, LED headlamp for safety. Package includes bike, battery, charger, instructions. Ready for your next adventure.


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Introducing the VIVI MT20 Step-Through Folding Electric Cruiser Bike, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Available in elegant Black or pristine White, this bike features a sturdy frame crafted from a combination of iron and carbon steel, ensuring strength and durability. The 500W brushless motor effortlessly powers your daily commute, scenic mountain cruises, or leisurely trail rides.

With a 7-speed transmission system and front and rear disc brakes, the VIVI MT20 offers a customizable riding experience. Tailor your speed to your needs, supported by powerful brakes for safety on every journey. The bike enhances nighttime functionality with a bright LED headlamp and a horn for added security during night rides.

A standout feature is the removable 48V 7.8Ah Lithium-Ion battery, providing charging convenience on or off the frame. This flexibility ensures your electric bicycle is always ready for your next adventure, be it a daily commute or an outdoor exploration.

Constructed with a balance of lightness and strength, the iron frame facilitates easy maneuverability, while aluminum alloy double-walled rims enhance durability and speed. The high-strength front suspension fork absorbs shocks, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

The VIVI MT20 Step-Through Folding Electric Cruiser Bike is a statement of style and practicality. The package includes the electric folding bicycle, a removable Lithium-Ion battery, a charger, and a comprehensive instruction manual. Experience elegance and convenience – ride with VIVI MT20 today.