Net Puzzles

Net puzzles have nodes, labeled with letters, and arrows with numbers. You solve a net puzzle when you arrange the numbers so that the numbers on all the arrows that enter each node are less than the numbers on all the arrows that leave that node.

You can see the solution of a puzzle only when you solve it.


What you get when you sign up

Premade Puzzles

You have access to at least 55 premade puzzles, arranged by their number of nodes.

You can easily access all of them from any puzzle page by clicking the + button.


The Puzzle Composer

You can use the composer to build many puzzles of your choice. Your puzzles can have 10 to 20 nodes and the arrows can have numbers 0 to 99.

The composer can automatically tell you if each of your puzzles has a solution before your start solving it.

You can save at most 11,000 puzzles and edit them as often as you want.

The Score Dashboard

When you solve a puzzle, you have the option to save the elapsed time, which is your score.

In the score dashboard, you can see your score for all the puzzles you have saved, either as a list or as a graph.

With your automatically assigned name, you can also see how your scores compare with the scores of other members.

You can easily access the score dashboard from any puzzle page by clicking the trophy button.


No In-game Purchases

You will not spend any money while solving the puzzles.

A Forum

You will have access to a forum where you can ask questions about the puzzles. You can access the forum by clicking the "Question?" button on the right sidebar.


You will have access to a number of articles on how to use the puzzle player, composer, and more.

Update Signup

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